Long before the International Olympics Committee was founded by Pierre Fredy, Baron de Coubertin, in 1894

Long before the Wright Brothers flew for 10 seconds at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in 1911

Long before James Watson and Frances Crick determined the structure of DNA in 1953

...the Royal Ceylon Tea Company was crafting tea in Uva.

Built on 150 Years of Tradition

When James Taylor first brought tea seedlings to the island of Ceylon, our estates were amongst the first to successfully harvest tea, due to our ideal weather conditions, high elevation, strong kachan winds and predictable monsoons.

As a result, the Royal Ceylon Tea Company has been harvesting over 20,000 acres of tea since 1885, and the original methods of plucking continue to exist on our estates; carefully hand picked, two leaves and a bud.

Our tea has always been pesticide-free, 100% organic, bio-friendly tea growing at elevations of between 3,500 feet and 7,000 feet above sea level nestled in the mountains of Uva.

Our plantations are led with the vision of creating a world-leading brand that begins with out heritage.

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