Why is it so important for tea to be fresh?

Tea is hygroscopic, which means it rapidly absorbs moisture from the air and can deteriorate quickly in flavor and freshness. To ensure the highest, quality, freshest and most flavorful tea, our tea is PICKED, PROCESSED AND PACKED IN UNDER 24 HOURS.

We produce the purest, 100% pesticide-free bio-tea on the planet.

As we are tea producers, we have cared for and nurtured our seedlings to the richest harvest using only bio-friendly fertilizer to encourage growth of every tea bush.

Due to our elevations ranging from 3,500-7,000 feet above sea level, RCTC tea acquires its unique, flavor from the weather conditions of cool mountain air, kachan winds, early morning frost and beaming sunlight. This gives our tea more anti-oxidant value (ORAC value of 24%) than any other tea on the market.

What are RCTC’s 3 Ps of Freshness?


Our workforce of 6,000 workers hand-pick the highest quality, two leaves and a bud.


The tea is processed.


We vacuum pack our tea in nitrogen gas to ensure maximum shelf life.

The Freshest Tea in the World

On the other hand, our competitors will buy tea at auctions that have been stored, exposed to air for weeks or months, pack it into non-vacuum-sealed containers and sell it on to you. This gives the consumer no assurance of where the tea was bought and how it was stored since being picked. WE CAN.

We at RCTC ensure that our RCTC Tea is the freshest tea in THE WORLD, guaranteed.

Anything else is a compromise…