A sound work ethic guided by the good conscience of strong leadership.

The spirit of teamwork and community is ever-present in all of our estates because our people live with the knowledge that they are safe-guarded by the RCTC ship of leadership.

Here at RCTC we realize that our strength is our people.

Community Outreach

Social Programs and Healthcare

Aside from building our manufacturing facilities and maintaining our plantations, we at RCTC also invest in people. We have built temples, churches and various learning centers throughout the plantation community.

The RCTC Union was set up to protect the rights and freedoms of all our workers. We also have independent arbitrators to ensure fair treatment at all times.

Social programs like “Plantation Power” and “Mother's Wish Foundation” are designed to provide socioeconomic support to our workers.

Each Estate has its own hospital and dispensary, with full-time doctors and nurses 24 hours a day. All medication is subsidized and we have ambulances on standby at all time to take care of the emergency medical needs of our workers. We hold medical clinics and health programs throughout our estates to raise health and hygiene awareness. This has created a wonderful sense of community among our family of workers.

Humanitarian Efforts

We are the first tea plantation company in Sri Lanka to:
  • Offer life insurance to every person working on our estates.
  • Provide free medical for all our workers.
  • Offer housing schemes for all our workers.
  • Provide retirement homes for our staff as we believe in rewarding loyalty.
  • Decrease the working hours of every tea plantation worker to ensure a happier family life.
  • Provide bonuses on numerous occasions to our hard-working staff as a pledge to our RCTC family to take care of their needs.

Our vision at RCTC continues to be a humanitarian one to give to those in need. Our joy comes from bettering the lives of those who both live and work on our plantations.